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General Information

What is your minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantity is 7 tonnes, as the aggregate is delivered on tipper lorries which normally have a capacity of 10 tonnes or more. When a lorry is much more than half empty it becomes uneconomical to use for the job in question. For very small quantities under 7 tonnes, please contact your local builders merchant.

Can you supply aggregates in bulk bags?

No, sorry. The only way we can keep prices competitive is to supply them ‘loose’ delivered on the back of a tipper lorry. Bulk bags, or ‘Jumbo Bags’ require a crane or forklift to offload at the delivery address. And remember…. A Bulk bag or Jumbo Bag will only normally hold about 0.85 tonnes. So two bags equates to only 1.7 tonnes, 3 bags is only 2.55 tons etc. When we say we deliver a full tonne, we mean it!

Can you give technical advice and information?

Yes, definitely! Please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

How heavy are your vehicles?

Standard tipper lorries can be either 9 tonnes gross vehicle weight, 26 tonnes or 32 tonnes depending on how much aggregate you are having delivered and what vehicles are available at the time.


Payment Information

How can I pay?

We take payment by PayPal, by Debit or Credit Card, or by BACS payments.

Will I receive a receipt or an invoice?

Yes, we always send a VAT invoice showing as paid once payment has cleared.

Why don’t you publish prices including delivery?

We don’t publish prices as the price for a ‘load’ of aggregate is based mainly on two factors – your location and the location of the nearest quarry or source of whatever aggregate it is you need. Some of our competitors do publish prices, but you’ll notice these are blanket prices which are set higher than required in order that they can cover all areas and all eventualities. At Aggregates 4 Less our priority is low prices, as well as outstanding service of course! We do state a price per tonne which includes VAT @ 20% but excludes delivery. This way you just pay the delivery that you need and not the highest possible delivery to cover all areas of the UK. If you live close the supplying quarry there are great savings to be had!

Do I get a discount for ordering in bulk?

Yes, you certainly do. The more tonnes you buy the cheaper it is per tonne!

Delivery Information

What area do you cover?

We are pleased to be able to cover most of England and Wales, at present we do not offer a delivery service to Scotland.

Do you charge extra for delivery?

No! All of our prices are inclusive of delivery.

Can I specify an exact delivery time?

As a rule we can only normally specify am or pm. But if you need a more precise delivery time please give us a call on the day of delivery and we will endeavour to supply you with a more specific time window.

Do you deliver at weekends?

As a rule, no. We are governed by opening times of local quarries and haulage operators, who tend to only operate Mon-Fri. If you need the aggregates for work you are planning to have done at the weekend, why not have it delivered on a Friday afternoon?

Do I need to be there to take care of the delivery?

We’d rather you were there in case there are any unforeseen problems with access etc. If you can’t be there though, don’t worry too much, please just make sure you give exact instructions as to where you want the aggregates tipping.

How much notice do I need give for a delivery?

24 hours is normally sufficient.

How wide are your vehicles?

All tipper trucks are normally 2.6m wide excluding the mirrors and 3.2m wide including the mirrors. But remember the mirrors are normally quite high up so they don’t make much difference unless the relevant obstacle on each side is quite tall. And most mirrors can be retracted if necessary.

Could the delivery vehicle do any damage to my driveway?

We don’t know! It all depends on how well your driveway has been constructed and to what standard. Most domestic driveways are only suitable for cars and light vans. If you are in any doubt then probably best to put 18mm plywood down on the driveway where the vehicle is to reverse onto. Or have the aggregate tipped onto the end of the driveway without the vehicle actually bringing its rear wheels onto the driveway.

Can I have two types of aggregate delivered at the same time?

Not usually, no. But if you need two types of material delivered please ask us for two separate prices, you might be surprised how competitive we are!



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