Terms & Conditions

Aggregates4less – Terms and Conditions of Service

1. Definition

Aggregates4Less (Registered company name in full is Clark Aggregates Ltd) and all other subsidiaries and affiliates such as “the company”, “our”, “we”, “us” provides the information displayed on this website. Visitors and all other subsidiaries such as “the customer”, “you”, “your”. “Delivery” means delivery of products sold to you online by us or a sub-contractor employed directly or indirectly by us.

2. The Agreement

This document constitutes an agreement between the company and you, the customer. From the date of our accepting this agreement, we agree to provide you with the products and services paid for in full by you through this website: www.aggregates4less.co.uk. Submission of a quote request online or quote request over the telephone will be taken as agreement to these terms and conditions.

3a. Using Aggregates4less.co.uk

By ordering products and/or requesting quotes through this website, you, the user agree that:

  • Naturally occurring products sold on this website such as stone, gravel, sand etc may differ in size, colour or texture unless stated. This is caused by natural variations in products through which Aggregates4less has no control
  • All photos on this website are offered as a guide only.Aggregates4less takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the photos shown
  • VAT is charged at 20% unless otherwise stated. When a quote is given over the phone the customer will be asked if they wish for a quote including VAT or excluding VAT. Quotes sent by email and all confirmation of orders sent by email will always detail VAT breakdown
  • Quotes received by you from us are valid for 14 days only. Any orders placed after 14 days of receiving a quote may be subject to an increase/decrease in the quote price caused by fluctuations in market prices beyond our control unless otherwise agreed. The confirmation email
  • Any products purchased must be delivered within 14 days of the order being placed or the product(s) may be liable to an increase/decrease in price caused by fluctuations in market price beyond our control unless otherwise agreed
  • The company reserves the right to cancel or hold any order for products which are out of stock or unavailable due to weather conditions. Full refunds will be given on cancelled orders
  • The company takes no responsibility for any products purchased through this website after they have been delivered. Delivery is complete when the Proof of Delivery Docket (POD) has been signed
  • The company takes no responsibility for loss, damage or deterioration of products after delivery has been made
  • Once delivered, all products are your responsibility. Any problems caused by use of products in any circumstances are entirely your responsibility

3b. Delivery

  • Delivery will normally be made in a ‘4 wheel’, ‘6 wheel’ or ‘8 wheel’ Rigid lorry. Please ensure that you have appropriate room to manoeuvre the vehicle as well as room to discharge the product. The discharge area must be free of obstructions such as overhead power cables, manhole covers, drains, vegetation etc. as tipping vehicles, vehicles with a crane or vehicles with a tail-lift will be used
  • Loose products will always be delivered via a tipping vehicle
  • If the delivery vehicle is unable to discharge the load through no fault of our own we have the right to charge for transport to and from our point of loading and unloading, plus any costs associated with disposing of the material should we not be able to return it to its source. In this case the cost may be as much as – or more than – the original cost of delivery
  • You agree that delivery times may vary according to the product ordered. However, every effort will be made to ensure delivery within a time slot denoted as ‘am’ or ‘pm’
  • You agree that the term ‘delivery’ guarantees kerbside discharge only unless otherwise agreed. This does not include moving products into gardens, garages and driveways etc although every effort will be made to do so
  • Any vehicles ordered off the public highway will be your responsibility as will any damage caused to property by the vehicle in doing so. The company takes no responsibility for damage or injury caused during delivery. Any damage caused to the delivery vehicle as a result of ordering off the public highway will be entirely your responsibility
  • All delivery drivers reserve the right to refuse delivery if it is deemed that damage will be caused to the delivery vehicle and or property in doing so and a wasted journey charge will be applied, otherwise charges as detailed in next paragraph
  • Where possible we will make every effort to discharge goods in an appropriate area
  • The company will make every effort to deliver products ordered on the agreed date in the requested time slot, but, if for any reason the company is unable to deliver then no liability will fall to the company; whether in damages or otherwise, for delay of whole or any part of the goods ordered arising from any cause whatsoever
  • You agree that a person authorised to accept delivery will be present at time of delivery. Any delays deemed inappropriate in discharge of load are liable to incur charges set by the delivery agent
  • By signing our proof of delivery docket you agree that the goods delivered are correct and in the appropriate condition

4. Refunds/Cancellation

  • Full refunds will be given on any orders provided the order is cancelled within 24 hours of the start of the agreed delivery time slot. Any requests made after this period may not be eligible for cancellation/refund. Refunds may take a maximum of 6 days to be credited to your account due to time constraints placed on us by our online payment processor
  • Once our proof of delivery is signed by you or your agent, it is your acceptance that the goods delivered are to your satisfaction. In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with the product you must inform the driver before the goods are unloaded. The product must be returned to us in the same condition and a full refund will be issued (less the cost of haulage). Products cannot be returned once tipped
  • Return addresses will vary according to the product ordered. The correct return address will be confirmed once a refund request has been received and acknowledged by us
  • Any refund requests not acknowledged by us will not be valid

5. Order Amendments

  • Any order amendments must be made at least 24 hours before the start of the agreed delivery time slot. It may not be possible after this period to alter your order and as a result the original order will be processed. We will however make every effort to amend orders wherever possible
  • We are unable to amend orders after dispatch