Driveway Aggregates

Driveway Aggregates

We often supply customers with Aggregates for driveway projects like block paving or gravel driveways. Aggregates from Type 1 MOT for the sub base, to Sharp Sand for under block paving, or Gravel for an alternative driveway. 

We sell 2 types of Gravel, 20mm Gravel, often known as driveway gravel, used for decorative purposes. The other is 10mm Gravel, usually known as pea gravel/shingle, it can be used for decorative purposes but mostly for drainage jobs.

We have been asked on numerous occasions what is the best gravel to use on a driveway. The answer is simply 20mm Gravel, although this is just our opinion and we can only advise our customers to use this, our reasons do have the customers best interests at heart. 

One of the main reasons is the size difference, 10mm Gravel is small enough to fit in between the treads of your tyres, this then causes the gravel to be picked up and taken down the road every time you move your car. Before you know it you will need a top up!

The size issue can also cause a problem inside your house, the small stones can get stuck in you shoes and if you have wood or tiled floors at home you soon could notice scratches on your floor. 

A second reason for the decision is often the quantity required and price of the products. A larger gravel like the 20mm  Gravel spreads more efficiently and therefore need less. Another contributing factor is the fact in most areas of the country 20mm is actually cheaper to buy then 10mm. 

Gravel should always be laid onto a compacted sub-base, if you needed to lay this before you would need to use Type 1 MOT, which we supply, this is to give the gravel the stability underneath so pressure from cars don’t force the gravel into mud, also during wetter weather you will need the hardcore layer so that your driveway doesn’t turn into a swamp. This would then cause your car to spin on the gravel and potentially get stuck on your own drive.


Type 1 MOT Sub Base
An area of Type 1 MOT compacted and ready for 20mm Gravel.


Most professional tradesmen would recommend 25-50mm of Gravel to be laid on top of at least 100mm of compacted Type 1 MOT. To give you an idea of how much of these aggregates to may need you can go to our calculator page and simply type in your area measurements, an approx idea of the coverage of 1 ton of 20mm gravel is 25m2 at a depth of 25mm. 


20mm Gravel
A 8 wheel tipper lorry just delivered a load of 20mm Gravel.


Sharp Sand is used to lay block pavoirs, again these need to be laid onto a compacted bed of Type1 MOT at a depth of at least 100  – 250mm . Our guide “How much sand do I need under block paving?” can give you an idea of how much sand you may need in order to lay a block paved driveway. 

This layer of Sharp sand gives the Blocks nominal flexibility when under pressure from the weight on top and avoids the blocks sinking into the hardcore layer underneath.  


A screened layer of Sharp sand under the Pavoirs.




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