20mm Gravel


Also commonly known as Driveway Gravel this material is generally 20-25mm in size, but also contains some finer granules as well. When using this on a driveway it should only be used for finishing or for decorative purposes on top of a well compacted hardcore base of Type 1 MOT. It can also be used on pedestrian areas, where a hardcore base is not always required, or it can be used in gravel borders.

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10mm Gravel / Pea Shingle


10mm Gravel, or ‘pea gravel’ is generally used for pipe bedding as a surround for underground drainage pipes. It can also be used as a decorative gravel. But beware!… If used on a driveway 10mm gravel will fit between the tyre treads on a car, which will result in the material being taken out onto and spilt all over the road. It will also fit in the grips on the soles of your shoes… especially not advisable if you have wooden floors as they are likely to become scratched this way!

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Cotswold Gravel Chippings 20mm*


Cotswold Chippings 20mm is a more expensive alternative to standard 20mm driveway gravel. Cotswold chippings are a premium product, ideal for use where appearance is key. As well as for use on driveways, Cotswold Chippings can be used not just on driveways but also on pathways and other pedestrian areas. Remember when preparing a driveway to install a firm hardcore base first made out of Type 1 MOT.

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