How do I stop weeds growing in Block Paving?

How do I stop weeds growing in Block Paving?

You can’t! But you can help prevent it happening…..

Myth number 1:

Weeds grow through Block Paving from underneath. They don’t. They grow into the block paving from the top.

Myth Number 2:

A membrane can prevent weeds from growing through block paving. It can’t. The only time a membrane should be used in the construction of block paving is between the sub grade ( the ground below) and the sub base ( Type 1 MOT for example) but this is for ground stabilisation not weed prevention – in other words to prevent the Type 1 MOT from penetrating the sub grade.

Weeds actually grow into the block paving either in the small amount of kiln dried sand that exists between the block paving, or in dirt sitting on top or between the block pavers on top. Seeds are either brought in by the wind or by birds and carefully placed in the gaps between the pavers. 

First step to weed prevention in Block Paving

Sweep the block paving regularly-this will help to keep the gaps between the blocks free of too much dirt (which is a perfect place for those weeds to grow into)

Second step to weed prevention in Block Paving

Apply a weed killer to the paving on a regular basis – we don’t recommend any brand in particular but most garden centres stock a huge array of weed killers, with some designed specifically for paved areas. Try B & Q or Homebase

Third step to weed prevention in Block Paving

Pick out those weeds before they do too much damage. This wont cost you a penny! And this is the best way to keep the paving free of weeds. When the weeds are big enough for you to be able to see them, they can normally be pulled out by hand or with a pair of tweezers or similar. On an average size driveway you should be able to keep weeds at bay this way by spending only a minute or so everyday on this job – you might just need to spend a bit longer in the Summer months.

Fourth step to weed prevention in Block Paving (optional)

Apply a sealant to the paving. There are many water-based and oil-based sealants on the market which – if applied correctly – will help seal the paving including the joints, which will help to prevent weeds from growing into the sand between the joints. Beware though… as a void still exists at the top of the joints between the paving, a build up of dirt on top of the sealant will still create a perfect haven in which this weeds may still grow. So keep sweeping the blocks regularly as described above, to keep them free of dirt and dust.



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