How much Ballast do I need to mix concrete?

Concrete Mixing Ratios

When asking the question ‘how much ballast do i need to mix concrete?’ the answer is based on the strength of concrete you are going to need.

Concrete is made up by a ratio of mixed cement, sand and aggregates/gravel, a combition of the latter often known as ‘Ballast’. When mixed with water cement becomes a paste that will then chemically set hard. The reason we have to add ‘Ballast’ is to add strength and volume as the cement alone is not strong enough.

There are many different types of concrete depending on its uses, the most common are high strength and water tight, general use and foundations. 

High Strength Concrete

1 part cement : 5 parts Ballast

This ratio will give you high strength concrete with water tight properties making it great for ponds and structural uses such as concrete panels and building slabs.

General Use Concrete

1 part cement : 6 parts Ballast

Great for concrete being used to lay paths, floors, general landscaping and driveways.

Foundations and large Volume Concrete

1 part cement : 8 parts Ballast

This mix ratio mainly used when a large amount of concrete is being used to fill strip footing trenches, makes for a solid and stable foundation filling from bed rock to ground level.

To work out how much ballast you may need just enter the measurements of the area into our calculator.




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