Luton/London Aggregates

Luton Aggregates

This week we delivered 20 ton ‘ Type 1 MOT’ into a job in Luton. Our Customer was a private home owner looking to smarten up her property ready for selling. 

She was landscaping part of the existing drive and making a hard standing area around her property so needed a substantial amount of ‘sub-base hardcore’.

We organised a delivery of 20 ton of ‘Type 1 MOT’ to be delivered after 8am to avoid any potential complaints from neighbours and the customer was extremely happy with the whole process and has ordered a large quantity of ‘Gravel‘ to be delivered next week to complete the job. 

London Aggregates

Also this week we have delivered 7 ton of ‘Type 1 MOT’ into the South East of our capital.

The destination was Beckenham in the Borough of Bromley. Our Customer was in the middle of a project that involved laying a hard ‘sub-base’ area and was in need of some aggregate as soon as possible to avoid the proceedings being delayed.

He had worked out himself he needed 7 ton of ‘Type 1 MOT’ so we arranged a delivery for the very next morning which he was very happy about.  Once again we came away from the job delighted to have another happy customer. 

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