November Aggregates Continued

November Aggregates

We are now into our third week of November, enquiries and orders are still coming in thick and fast with our Type1 MOT still top seller, closely followed by Sharp Sand

Last week we were asked to deliver 15 ton of Type 1 MOT on a grab lorry as the customer needed the materials going over a fence to be placed in the exact place he required it. This didn’t surprise us as we are often asked for this,however it is location dependent. As the location of the job was in Milton Keynes and we could therefore provide this service we set about working out the best quote for us. We came back to the customer with a very competitive quote which he said was the cheapest he had received he placed a order.  

15 tons of Type 1 MOT were delivered Friday and grabbed off over the fence to the customers delight and the driver even spread it in different places to make it easier for the customer to level out.

Yesterday we delivered 20ton of Sharp sand into Chingford to a floor screeding company who were about to screed the floors of a couple of private new builds. They had been let down by their usual supplier and were desperate to receive this the next day so they wouldn’t fall behind in the project, as we agree that time is money we set out to get it delivered ASAP and succeeded.

Today we have 60 ton of Type 1 MOT going into a new site in Romford for the build-up of roads and pedestrian areas, followed by 10 ton of Sharp sand for slab laying and block paving around the finished houses.  

We get many enquiries asking for aggregates the next day and although we try our very best to be able to do this sometimes and occasionally can do, like the sand this week in Chingford, it’s not always possible due to work load, therefore for this reason alone is why we ask for at the very least 24hours notice to be able to supply the aggregate required and therefore not disappoint our customers.  We know sometimes this is not always possible due to problems occurring on site etc so if you need an urgent load please still contact us and we will try our best to get a next day delivery. 

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