November Aggregates

November Aggregates

With the wet/cold season starting we have a seen a surge in aggregates ordered, majority of it being Type 1 MOT.

Our customers have been battling the elements to get hard standing areas down around their sites,these are either private sites for house extensions or big site works for new builds. With the constant need to drive vehicles over the wet sodden ground to ferry contractors, equipment and materials in and out the site surrounding areas are easily becoming wet and boggy. To make matters worse are the constant use of plant machines like diggers and forklifts whose movements soon disrupt the ground 10 times as worse as normal vehicles therefore causing large rutts and holes for water to run into. 

The 1st 7 days of November 90% of our deliveries have been Type 1 MOT, either the full granite/limestone aggregate or in some cases a ‘Rockblend’. You may be asking what is rockblend?? To explain in simple terms it is a recycled/sustainable aggregate  but a cheaper alternative to Type 1 MOT. (Only available in some areas of the country, so would advise to check availability on request.) 

Not all our deliveries have been because of the weather however, we have also delivered to main roads in central London to road work companies repairing large stretches of highway right down to the other end of the spectrum that is private home owners who have started D-I-Y projects or have contractors in building extensions and landscaping gardens and are requesting stone, ballast, sand and gravel

Yesterday for example we quoted for 40 ton of Sharp Sand for a block paving company installing a commercial car park in Nottingham, we are delivery two 20 ton loads today as a result of a successful quote.   

To what has started as a busy November for us long may it continue into December and the lead up to Christmas, we hope this is the case for all of our customers as they are the most important people to us. 

We thank you for your continuing custom and welcome all new customers. 


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