Recycled/Sustainable Aggregates

Recycled/Sustainable Aggregates

We are fortunate to be be overwhelmed in the UK with sites that can produce primary sourced aggregates, but there’s a growing demand for suppliers to produce and users to use more sustainable products or recycled aggregates as they are more commonly known as.

Recycled aggregates can be made from different types of products, from building and construction/demolition materials like concrete and brick, road and highway work waste to make road/tarmac plannings, or any other excavation processes which produce aggregate waste.

The quality of the recycled aggregate is usually dependent on; 1. the quality of the material itself and 2. the quality of the processing operaration. 

The most common aggregate that’s being substituted for these recycled aggregates is Type 1 MOT.

This is because it the most common sub layer base for most construction projects where a hard standing area is needed, it often works out cheaper to buy recycled aggregates and they usually work just as good, don’t forget also good for the environment.

Another contributing factor is that a lot of recycled material is getting certificated now, this basically means is being made to the right jurisdiction as Type 1 MOT and therefore being approved by most building regulation and controls. 

Although recycled aggregates are very common around the country unfortunately its not always available in some areas. We have no problem in asking for it when enquiring for a customer so please if you are considering ordering/enquiring about some aggregates don’t be afraid to ask about recycled/sustainable products. 


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